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MORE PICS! Pictures for viewing/downloading (these are my pics, so they are copyright-free. Enjoy!

Hello! Welcome to my page dedicated to Phoebe, my Quaker parrot. So far all I have is a handfull of pics, but I hope to expand on it soon. Thanks for looking!

For those of you who asked, here are some pics for downloading.
These are links to larger sized and/or uncropped versions of some of the pics displayed on Phoebe's Page. Feel free to copy them and use them anyway you like.

Just click on the thumbnail sized version to get to the full jpg, and then right-click to copy.


Phoebe on fresh leaves in the first blush of Minnesota Springtime:


...Later that afternoon, showing a little sunburn around her eyes (Sorry, Pheebs!):


Happiness is a fluffy green bird...